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Chiranjeevi to contest for MP seat in Elections 2014

Hyderabad: Another big news is being broke by national media late in the night and this time it is about Union Tourism Minister, Congress MP, Megastar K Chiranjeevi. Political circles are highly buzzing that Chiru will be entering Loksabha this time, but he is not going to contest anywhere in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana.

In the wake of Congress bifurcating AP and Chiru demanding Samaikyandhra in the beginning and then Union Territory status for Hyderabad as the time passed by, it will be tough for him to contest to Loksabha at any region of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state. National media reported today that Congress wants to field Chiranjeevi from Chikballapur Loksabha segment, near Bangalore, Karnataka, where Telugu population is quite high. Earlier Chiru campaigned in Karnataka constituencies to propel Congress contestants of Congress party and he succeeded to a high.

As Congress is worried that it will lose out all MP seats in Seemandhra and no other party coming forward for a coalition with them, they are leaving no opportunity to cash on Telugu votes in other states. But the very idea of Chiranjeevi leaving his mother state and contesting from other place may not be digestible for his admirers and fans.

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