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Sunday 19 November, 2017, 12:51 am

CM blocking media cover of Congress

Hyderabad: The Telangana Congress on Monday accused the TRS government of 'pressurising the mainstream media from exposing its failures.' Congress state unit president N Uttam Kumar Reddy said CM K Chandrashekar Rao was using various methods to prevent the opposition party from getting due coverage in the media.

To make up the media coverage deficit, it was up to Congress workers to use social media platforms to get their word out, Uttam said. He was addressing a workshop on social media organised by Telangana Youth Congress at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram.

He said Congress workers should not depend solely on mainstream media and use social media networking tools to expose failures of TRS government. He, however, advised them to crosscheck any information before sharing it.

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