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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:19 pm

Congress is moving towards Dalits: UttamKumar Reddy

Hyderabad: TPCC president Uttamkumar Reddy said that the attacks on the Dalits in the KCR regime are increasing day by day. He said that the Congress party is in the process of dalits. Speaking at a meeting chaired by TCCC Cell Cell chairman Arypalli Mohan in Gandhinagar, The Dalits have no rights to get constitutional rights and insults and inhuman attacks are routine. TPCC executive president Mallu Bhattivikramarka said that the district committees should be set up for district, mandal and village level.

Please provide details of the interest farmers: CM KCR has criticized the government for not having any love for farmers. That is why the debt burden of assembly as a witness is a government burden. The Congress leaders were told to collect the details of the farmers' money and hand them over to Kisancel. The PACS chairpersons and Congress leaders held a meeting chaired by Kisanceli chairman M. Kondadareddy at Indira Rao yesterday. Speaking at the meeting, the Congress said that in the Assembly on loan interest, all interest has been paid for the interest of all the farmers. The farmers have been asked to collect the details and submit it before the assembly is completed.
Serp employees who submitted their memorandum to the inquiry: Serp employees who were concerned for job security and legitimate demands were present at the meeting in Gandhinhavan today. The Congress is supporting the concern of Serpent workers.

Nehru Jayanti in Gandhivanan: India is the first prime minister to grow into the world's economic power, Jawaharlal Nehru has worked very hard, said TPCC president Uttamkumar Reddy. On Tuesday, Nehru's birthday, former minister Danam Nagendra, former MP Anjuman Kumaradav, Youth Congress president Anil, SC Cell chairman Arypalli Mohan, general secretaries Niranjan, Premalal and others were present on the occasion.

Former MP V. Hanumantha Rao has blamed the attitude of the central and state governments on Nehru Jayanti: VHH, who blamed the government's attitude towards Nehru Jayanti. He came to the Assembly on Tuesday and spoke to reporters. Children's Day will be celebrated during Nehru Jayanti.

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