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Congress Leader Chiranjeevi To Quit Politics?

Is Chiranjeevi getting ready to quit politics? Going by the prevailing conditions, looks like Chiru wants to say bid adieu to politics and want to seriously pursue his career as actor.

Especially, the super success of Khaidi No.150 has given a new boost to Chiru. Chiru is looking elated after the film's success and he is totally enjoying the success. Also, it seems, he has totally distanced himself from the political works and he hasn't made any political statements in the recent times.

In addition to this, when music director MM Keeravani has asked Chiru, during Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu show, to continue as actor, Chiru too responded quite positively and said, "May be. If you strongly wish for it, may be destiny too happen as per your wish."

With Chiranjeevi himself responding positively on quitting politics and this is followed by Ram Charan's statement to fans to support Babayi Pawan politically and socially, looks like, Chiru is mulling to quit politics. Since he has already given up his Praja Rajyam Party and joined Congress that is routed in AP totally, Chiru may not be interested to join any political party at this juncture and looks like he is jumping so many political parties.

Already, Charan announced Chiru's 151st with Surender Reddy and this will be followed by Chiru 152 with Boyapati Sreenu, looks like Chiru's plate is full with films and he is slowly quitting politics. Probably, Chiru wants to follow Amitab Bachchan and continue just in films.

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