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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:59 pm

Congress Party has destroyed the caste hobbies

Hyderabad: MLA, Srinivas Goud, said that when the Congress party leaders come to the polls, it is customary for the love of the people to be united. The Opposition blames the crocodile tears on BCE, especially the Gowda caste. Is there any BSc MLA in Telangana for Congress? At least in the PCC presidential race, the name of a BCC leader can be heard? Now the Congress party is in love with Gowda's caste and has been banned in Kaloor shops in Hyderabad. In the rest of the districts, the Congress party has been trying to bury the shops. What's more.

Is the Chief Minister of the PCC known to be his hometown snake?
Where did the palm trees come to ask when questioned?
⇒ When was the attempt to ban a caste career? Where are the Congress leaders who are talking about now?
⇒ Swimming and hybrid seeds are distributed by the Telangana Government regarding palm trees
⇒ Has such an attempt at Congress Hami?
Did you think Congress leaders were in power over the Nira investigations?
⇒ BSc to the Embikes Our government has done well in the past governments?
⇒ More schemes are coming in the coming days
The BTC has been used by the last governments as a vote bank
It is our government that is trying to be honest for BCs
⇒ Nera is going to Kerala soon to study
⇒ Mandalaniko Residential School is proceeding with the idea of ​​launching
⇒ The government is also willing to give BCS reservation in contracts
⇒ The PWC is talking about what is in renewable enthusiasm
⇒ BOMs do not have to worry about anything

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