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Cross Voting Hits UPA Hard

If media reports are anything to go by, high-level of cross voting has been taken place in the most-anticipated 14th Presidential Election of India. While NDA has backed Ramnath Kovind for the top post, UPA has fielded former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar as the opponent.

Since the election is held in a secret-ballot method, political parties can't issue whip to its members. This said to have resulted in cross-vote. Various members of political parties of UPA said to have done cross-voting. Members of Trinamool Congress and Nationalist Congress Party have cross-voted.

Despite that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had asked all its members to vote as per 'conscience', many said to have 'rejected' her call. Although NCP 'refuted' media reports and stated that it 'supported' Meira Kumar and not Ramnath Kovind, few reports say that many members of NCP have reportedly voted for Ramnath. This said to have boosted the prospects of Ramnath's victory.

The polling which began today 10 AM continues till 5 PM. Barring the nominated members, all the elected members of Parliament and Assemblies would cast their vote. 4896 members would cast their vote in 32 polling centres. Once the votin ends, all the ballot boxes would be sent to New Delhi where the counting would begin on July 20th. The result would be announced on the same day.

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