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Death threat to AP CM from Maoists

AP Maoist party Spokesperson Shyam has warned CM Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh. He alleged the recent encounter as covert operation in which the deceased were fed with poisonous food as per hatched plan. He said both Modi and Chandrababu are in their radar. 

Maoists warned CM family saying that every time they cannot be escaped with the help of beefed up security. This time they warned to attack with the help of suicide bomb. They demanded immediate release of their members captured by the Greyhound forces.

They alleged that they were targeted because government is planning to allot the lands to mining companies. Earlier, Chandrababu Naidu convoy attacked in Alipiri in the year 2003 in which he escaped. It is expected that the security for Chandrababu and Lokesh will be tightened in light of threat from Maoists.

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