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Defections leave Telangana-TD a weak unit

Hyderabad: While enjoying power in AP the Telugu Desam party is in a pathetic situation in Telangana. TD is even not in a position to find friends to have alliance in the coming elections. Telangana TD leaders have requested the high command several times to appoint efficient leader to lead the party in the coming elections.

In the united state TD is more strong in Telangana than Seemandhra region. After state bifurcation several TD leaders including MLAs have defected to TRS and Congress. According to Telangana TD leaders after defections of several leaders still in about 40 assembly constituencies party is in strong position, but there is no correct leader to guide the party cadre. In the previous assembly elections TD won 15 assembly and two Lok Sabha seats.  

Telangana TD leaders said that the announcement of TD President N Chandrababu Naidu recently in the Telangana TD leaders meeting that TD will have alliance with some party in the next elections has helped in stopping migrations by party leaders. Telangana TD senior leader and former Minister M Narasimhulu openly said that TD should have alliance with TRS in the next elections. But TRS leaders said that their party Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao is not in a mood to have alliance with TD.

Some TD leaders are in an opinion to have alliance with congress which is not possible. In AP TD is fighting with Congress and alleging that congress party is responsible for state bifurcation.  

Criticising congress in AP and have alliance with the same party in Telangana is practically not possible and the birth of TD it self is anti congress. TD has snapped the ties with BJP recently. In fact in Telangana BJP has snapped ties with TD long back. To have alliance with new political party Telangana Jana Samithi floated by TJAC Chairman Kodandaram also not possible since Kodandaram is dead against to TD.   
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