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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 8:59 pm

Delhi woman learning to drive mows down 72-yr-old man, arrested

New Delhi: A woman learning to drive mowed down a 72-year-old man after she lost control of the car in Delhi on Tuesday.

The woman, identified as Santoshi Devi (29), has been arrested and charged with negligent driving causing death.

She did not have a licence, police said.  

The victim, Kirti Vallabh, was out for a walk when the incident took place.

According to a report in NDTV, eyewitnesses said that Vallabh tried to stop her with his arms raised when he saw her approaching him but instead of applying the brakes, she pressed the accelerator, crashing into him.

The police are likely to charge her husband too as the car belonged to him, sources said.

Santoshi Devi told the police that she pressed the accelerator instead of the brake in panic.

Vallabh's daughter said the family was not at home when the incident took place. Following the incident, neighbours called Vallabh's daughter who came with her husband and took her father to the hospital where he was declared dead, the NDTV report further added.

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