Donald Trump won Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump won Impeachment Trial

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The United States Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump on  52-48 charges of abuse of power and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress. All democrats charged Mr.Trump in December with pressuring Ukraine to smear a potential White House rival.

Donald Trump will be the first impeached president to go for election. In this impeachment trial on Wednesday, the senate made its historic voting, the Senate members decided not to remove America's 45th president(Donald Trump) from office on charges arising from his dealings with Ukraine.

If Trump would have done had to turn over his office to Vice-President Mike Pence. The Senate members approved the articles of impeachment on 18 December.

A two-thirds majority vote was needed to remove Trump, which was always going to be a long shot in a 100-seat chamber controlled by his party.

Donald Trump replied as The do-nothing Democrats know they can't beat him, so they had to impeach him,This impeachment hoax will go down as the worst miscalculation in American political history he added at the last
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