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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:23 pm

Drivers prohibited suspension of seven-seat concerns

Tirupati: Drivers of 7-seater autorickshaws staged a massive dharna under the banner of AITUC in front of MLA M Suguna’s residence here on Tuesday. They were strongly protesting the Urban police decision to ban entry of 7-seater autos into the city. With this ban, more than 2,000 seven-seater autos were of the roads and were agitating since Thursday.

AITUC district secretary Murali, CPI town secretary Chinnam Penchalaiah and other leaders including Hari Krishna, led the rally of auto drivers which started from the CPI office and reached MLA’s residence. Though the MLA was at Amaravati attending the Assembly session, they sat before her residence and blocked the road for nearly two hours.

Addressing the drivers, the leaders said, it is not proper for the authorities to drag thousands of families on to the streets with restrictions in the name of congestion of traffic in t

he city. The leaders remembered that they demanded the government to close all autorickshaw selling shops and not to register any more autos as the number crossed its limit. But, the authorities concerned continued the registration of autos, they blamed.

Without expanding the roads according to the needs, they are simply blaming the autos for traffic hazards, the speakers pointed. Many graduates were also earning their livelihood by running autos and they were denied of their earnings by banning autos into the city.

It was the 7-seater autos, who were helping the poor by taking just Rs 10 for their transport. With the ban of autos entry into the city, the people also were suffering, they said.

They asked the authorities, to lift the ban or purchase their autos and repay their loans, besides showing them alternate employment. The leaders said they are going for relay fast from Wednesday onwards and if there was no response from the concerned. “We are ready to go to Amaravati and stage agitation before the Assembly,” they warned.

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