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Wednesday 21 February, 2018, 12:28 pm

File Case against Kamal: HC tells Cops!

Madras High Court on Friday directed Chennai City Police to book a case against Kamal Haasan over 'Hindu Terror' remark on charges of disrupting communal harmony.

An Advocate moved a petition in the High Court alleging Kamal Haasan wishes to disrupt communal harmony by disrespecting Hindus. 'Kamal Haasan need to realize that no religion preaches violence in any form. He might be trying to divide peace loving Tamilians on the basis of religion. It won't be a wonder if Kamal calls Christians and Muslims as terrorists in future,' says the Petitioner.

Earlier, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh accused Kamal Haasan of making Hindu terror remark for political mileage. He made it clear terrorism in any form won't be tolerated by NDA Government. Thereafter, Kamal Haasan issued a clarification that he did mention 'Hindu Extremists' but not 'Hindu Terrorists' in the column for Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan. 'I am a Hindu. Don't like the tag of atheist, I wish to remain a rationalist. Have no intention to hurt the sentiments of Hindus but I won't tolerate violence in any form,' he said. 

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