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First Pics: Have A Look At Telangana Martyrs Memorial

Already there is a 24-feet-statue called 'Telangana Martyrs Memorial' at Gun Park but that belongs to the 1971 movement of the separate statehood. Now to honour the 2014 movement which has also seen many people turning martyrs by sacrificing their lives for achieving "Telangana", the State Government has come up with an idea to construct a new monument.

On the banks of Hussain Sagar, in an area of 2.5 acres adjacent to Lumbini Park, now a "Telangana Martyrs Memorial" is coming up. To eternalise the sacrifices of hundreds of martyrs in Telangana statehood movement, finally, Chief Minister KCR has approved the design of the project. In what looks like a traditional Diya, a four-floor multi-level hall is being constructed where there will be a museum, conference hall, restaurants and other amenities. And other side, there will be a permanent fire lit up, a timeless lamp, we have to say.

While the idea of this 80 crore worth monument is to sanctify the sacrifices, this design of the monument will make it another epic landmark in the Hyderabad skyline.

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