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Wednesday 21 February, 2018, 12:30 pm

Flesh Trade Gang Busted In Kukatpalli Phase 6, Girls From West bengal Held

The police on Friday arrested several persons in connection with a flesh trade racket in Kukatpalli Housing Board Phase 6. According to the police, the police were tipped off about a flesh trade den and were informed that girls from West Bengal were brought in by the organisers. The police this morning raided the place and arrested a woman and several others from the place. They also recovered Rs 1.32 lakh in cash and four cellphones.

During the interrogation, it came to light that the had rented the premises and were organising prostitution ring from there. They have managed the issue in such a manner that no one knew about the den. Hoever, one person tipped off the police about the goings on and the cops moved with alacrity to bust the gang.

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