Four Engineering Students make Halchal with Car

HYDERABAD: In Telangana, Yesterday's Car incident happened in Kushayeguda village. Suddenly, Car uncontrol by rash driving and dash to platform, at that platform man was slept and car next to man and the man was killed. In that car there are four Girls were engineering students. Inside the car one girl is daughter of malakpet inspector ' Ganga reddy ' her daughter name was ' Harika ' . In that, Four students except three girls one girl was drunked alcohol. But, drunked girl was not drived the car. Except drinked girl one of them driven the car careless on their blind enjoying.

Public gathered at that car incident and rescued inside girls safely. Four students are not harmed because in that car their is air bag by that air bags they were safe. Police catch that car incident in CCTV camera photoage. Kushayeguda Inspector Chandrashekar taken that suspects into the custody over car accident. The man who was died at platform his name is ' Ashok '. Ashok parents with media they are demanding for justice about ashok death.
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