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Monday 19 November, 2018, 5:26 am

Galla Jayadev scoffs at resignation rumours

Guntur TDP MP Galla Jayadev has refuted the reports that he would leave the TDP. He said that there was no truth in the reports that he and his mother Galla Arunakumar would leave the TDP.

He said his mother has already indicated that she would not contest from Chandragiri again before leaving for the US. But, there is no question of her leaving the TDP, he added. He said there was no need to read more into this episode.

On the resignation of the YSRCP MPs, he said it was nothing but a drama. He said that they resigned knowing pretty well that there would be no bye-elections now as the term of the Lok Sabha is set to expire in few months. He said when two MPs from Karnataka resigned, the resignations were accepted in two days. But, why did it take so long for the YSRCP MPs’ resignations to be accepted, he asked.

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ఆమె జీతం ఏడు లక్షలు..అతని జీతం నాలుగు లక్షలు?

పెదవాల్తేరు(విశాఖతూర్పు) : ఉన్నత చదువు.. సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్‌ కంపెనీలో ఉద్యోగం.. రూ....