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Gang including women held with 21kg marijuana in Hyderabad

Hyderabad​:​ The West Zone Task Force ​on Monday ​nabbed three persons, including two women​,​ ​and seized 21 kilos of marijuana from them at Mangalhat here​.

The arrested ​persons were identified as Mahipal Singh, 33, Sheela Bai, 35, ​and ​Raj Kumari, 40, all residents of Mangalhat. ​Another suspect​, Ravi, 25, is absconding.

According to the police, Mahipal Singh ​was a tenant of Raj Kumari, while Sheela bai and Raj Kumari ​were friends. About nine months ago​,​ Sheela Bai was arrested by ​the ​Excise and ​the ​Mangalhat police in a similar case. She was released recently.

“After ​being ​​released​ from jail​,​ she informed Kumari that by ​selling ​drug​s, they could make money easily,” police said​, adding that Kumari agreed and ​got Mahipal Singh ​too ​to join them. Sing​h​ ​then roped in his relative Ravi​ as well.

Ravi procure​d​ marijuana from Warangal and Visakhapatnam and store​d​ it at Mahipal Singh’s house​ before selling it and they shared the profits, police said.

“About a week ago, Ravi procured 21 ​kg of marijuana from Visakhapatnam and handed ​it ​over to Mahipal Singh. The ​three were nabbed while selling ​the ​drug,” officials said.

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