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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 8:44 am

Ghazal Srinivas Row: AP Minister Admits Mistake

A day after defending Ghazal Srinivas, accused in alleged sexual harassment case, AP's Endowments Minister Manikyala Rao has regretted his 'supportive' comments. Manikyala Rao retracted his statements on Ghazal Srinivas and stated that he was not fully aware of the issue when he had made those comments. Manikyala Rao finally admitted that it was a mistake and said he couldn't believe that a person like Ghazal Srinivas could do such cheap things of luring a woman.

Earlier on Jan 3rd (Wednesday), Manikyala Rao had completely supported Ghazal Srinivas and even alleged that there was conspiracy behind framing him in the sexual harassment case. Manikyala Rao had stated that someone had tried to defame him.

Given that there are videos and photos of alleged sexual harassment by Ghazal Srinivas and cops have demanded for a week-long custody against his bail petition, AP Minister's comments came as a huge shocker. However, finally, Manikyala Rao seems to have learnt his mistake only after he received severe flak from the top brass of the government.

Meanwhile, Ghazal Srinivas has been stripped off from the post of brand ambassador for 'Save Temples' initiative, a project run by the US based NGO Global Hindu Heritage Foundation.

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