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Sunday 18 February, 2018, 6:44 am

Harish Rao accused Congress leaders of disrupting assembly affairs

HYDERABAD: Irrigation Minister Harish Rao hit back at the Congress leaders in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday for obstructing discussions.

On the occasion of Children's day, the Assembly held talks on the future of children and employment opportunities but the Congress disrupted the discussions and staged protests. Speaking in this regard, Harish Rao said that Congress party has always wanted debates on employment but when the discussion is being held, they are obstructing such an important issue admitted by the BJP in the Assembly.

Referring to Congress, he questioned the party leaders as to how they can protest when the Speaker provided them the opportunity to speak despite their topics not being in the agenda.

The Minister further stated that the public is watching the happening in the Assembly and are aware of the fact as to which government provided the jobs.

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