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Headlines Today and C Voter Survey in AP Lok Sabha Seats

Today Headlines today and C voters survey had done survey in Andhra pradesh on lok sabha seats.If elections come in now TRS will win 11 seats,TDP 10 seats, YSRCP 11 seats,Congress 7 seats,BJP 1 seat, MIM 1 seat. As we know that in April 16 Times now and Nielsen Survey has said that Ysrcp will get 12 seats now it is down to 11 seats where as TRS will get 9 seats now it is 11 seats,TDP will get 9 seats now  Today Headlines today and C voters survey said TDP will get 10 seats TRS and TDP are increasing their seats.

The latest Headlines Today CVoter survey is a bad news for Congress party both in Lok Sabha elections as well as in Assembly elections in various states. The survey said if the elections were held now, UPA would lose.

Congress party which is basking in ‘glory’ with Karnataka win, set to lose miserably in the next elections. Headlines Today CVoter survey predicted that BJP would emerge as the single largest party with 137 Lok Sabha seats, with Congress winning 116 seats.

Headlines Today CVoter survey predictions in Andhra Pradesh are not only a shock to Congress party alone, but it would be a shocker to TDP also as the survey predicted that the people of Andhra Pradesh have decided to desert Congress party for YS Jaganmohan Reddy. The survey gives 11 seats to YSR Congress party.

The report says “Andhra Pradesh with its swing state status is set to desert the Congress for rebel leader Jagan Mohan Reddy”.It is interesting to note that Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP is still trailing far behind even after his marathon ‘Vastunna Meekosam’ padayatra, which TDP leaders claim to have done wonders for the party.

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