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Wednesday 25 April, 2018, 8:14 pm

Hero Ravi Teja's Mother over Drugs Case issue

Hero Ravi Teja's Mother Rajalakshmi spoke Face to Face over Drugs Case on him and condemned the allegations. She said Ravi Teja never does such things as he is so strict about his health and career. She said he is more of a familied man. She said Ravi Teja was in outdoor shooting for the last 15 days and they didn't get any notices so far. She faulted media for spreading rumours and for their false propaganda. About Bharat she said he used to take drinks but not drugs. She said if Ravi Teja was addicted to bad habits he wouldn't have been achieved the stardom. About family members not attending the funerals of Bharat she condemned the rumours spread in media and said his father couldn't do funerals that's why her sister husband performed it and Bharat was never isolated.

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