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High Speed train from Kazipet to Chennai with support of German Railways

Hyderabad: sources have stated that after laying foundation for the works on the country's first bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai recently, sources have stated that the Indian Railways has signed a joint declaration of intent with German Railways to carry out feasibility study on existing Chennai-Kazipet corridor for increasing the speed trains to 200kmph.

Presently the travel time between Chennai and Kazipet in Telengana, a distance of around 643kms, is around 11 hours. If the semi-high speed corridor is developed, the distance will be covered in 3 hours 15 minutes. Meanwhile the Project is envisaged to consist of three phases to be carried out over a 22 month period.

As per first phase the definition of three demand based upgrade scenarios for the corridor is estimated. As per phase 2 the selection of the preferred upgrade scenario for SHS on the corridor, based on analysis of respective operations and economic-financial impact. Phase 3 is for preferred scenario, Reference design and technical Tender document. Moreover the cost of the feasibility study will be shared in 50:50 ratio by the Ministry of Railways and the German government.

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