If BJP Faces Defeat, What About TDP?

AMARAVATI: AP CM Chandrababu Naidu breathed fire on BJP in Today's coordination committee meeting with party leaders. 'In next elections, BJP will face defeat for sure. The egoistic nature of BJP Topbrass Leaders would lead to their down fall in 2019 Elections,' he commented, while citing the negativity against BJP in Jammu & Kashmir as an example.

Chandrababu opined there was a time when everyone assumed nothing could stop BJP but now the situation has changed drastically. He made it clear Modi Wave can't be seen in 2019 Polls.

If BJP faces defeat for not meeting the aspirations of people, What about TDP which compromised on Special Status, Threatened to send those protesting to jail and took an u-turn after continuing ties with BJP for four years? And now, Chandrababu Naidu claims he would bring Special Status if TDP wins all the 25 MP seats in 2019 elections. Is it a day dream or what? When TDP-BJP combinedly won 16 Lok Sabha in 2014, How could the Ruling Party clean sweep in 2019 despite not having the support of BJP-Jana Sena and while facing anti-incumbency? Babu need to be a bit realistic...even winning over 10 MP Seats will be really tough for TDP as per current situation.
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