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Jagan Locks Sharmila in House?

YS Sharmila, daughter of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who played significant role in YSRCP when YS Jagan was in jail in DA case, has been missing in action. At a time, political temperatures in AP soared high amidst Nandyal by-election, Sharmila's absence has been giving rise to several rumours, speculations.

The strong talk that is doing rounds in political circles is that Opposition leader and YSRCP president Jagan Reddy has asked his sister to stay away from the political campaign. It is buzzed that Sharmila was asked not to take party in the ongoing campaign and has been asked to stay at home instead. It is learnt that Jagan has told Sharmila to maintain distance from the active politics even in 2019 general elections. Apparently, Jagan doesn't want another 'power centre' in YSRCP.

This is not first time such rumours popped up. Earlier too such rumours did rounds. YS Sharmila was denied ticket in 2014 general elections. After the party's failure in 2014 polls, Sharmila was made incharge of the party's Telangana unit. Later that was also dropped. Presently, Sharmila has been confined to home.

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