Jagan politics around Special Status

Jagan politics around Special Status

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YS Jagan Mohan Reddy CM of AP has written a letter to the PM Modi, asking special status category for the AP. While the bifurcation, both the Congress and BJP have agreed to provide the special status to AP. But  BJP after winning in the elections have neglected their promise. Since then the state governments have continuously requested the Central government over this.
As per the 15th finance commission, Special status category can be allotted on the central government decision. 

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There are many technicalities in front of Modi to allot the special status to AP. Though AP is a newly formed state, it has a better revenue generation compared to many other states in the Country. 50% of the states are in severe condition compared to AP. If the question of Special status arises, these states should be alotted first than the AP.

If the Modi government neglects all those states and offers it to AP, then it creates a political mess in the country. All the states will demand this status pressurising the government. To avoid this, Modi government kept aside the State government's request on this issue.

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Jagan knows these litigations, yet he insists and demands the Modi government on this issue. The Special status category has only become a weapon for the political parties to get mileage among the people.

Other than the Special status, Jagan should seek for more financial assistance from the Central government then it can help for the development of the AP.
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