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Judgement reserved on jagan bail cancel petition case

CBI Court Hearing is going on for one and half hour over YS Jagan's counter petition against Bail Cancellation. CBI advocate Surendra Rao argued on why Jagan's bail plea is to be cancelled. CBI has shown interview of Ramakanth Reddy to the judge in laptop. Advocate Niranjan Reddy presented his argument before court over seeking bail of Jagan. CBI court has sent the media out of the court hall. CBI has shown the wrong intention of Jagan & co in making wrong allegations on CBI. CBI also faulted Sakshi media for giving wrong information to the people.  

Telugu Politics

YS Jagan,Andhra BJP

జగన్ దెబ్బకు పార్టీ ఖాళీనా?

ఏపీ బీజేపీ నేతలకు షాకుల మీద షాకులు తగులుతున్నాయి. ఏపీ విపక్ష నేత వైఎస్ జగన...