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Tuesday 23 January, 2018, 7:24 am

Jyothula Nehru's Kin attack Toll Plaza Staff

Few months ago, TDP MP Nimmala Kistappa's Son made headlines for attacking the Toll Plaza staff near Karnataka Border. And now, Another Ruling Party Leader's Family Members were involved in similar incident.

Jaggampeta MLA Jyothula Nehru's Son-in-Law assaulted the Toll Plaza staff on Krishnavaram National Highway in Kirlampudi Mandal for just asking him to play toll fee. The staff were attacked once again when they went to the MLA's residence for apologizing. In addition, Pressure was mounted on Toll Plaza Management by the Legislator to sack two employees.

In 2014 Polls, Jyothula Nehru won as MLA on YSR Congress Ticket. Later, He moved to TDP getting attracted to the Operation Akash but he was denied Ministry in the recent cabinet reshuffle due to few equations. Nehru's Son Naveen Kumar is now East Godavari's Zilla Parishad chairman. Will TDP Leadership take any action against their Leaders for misusing their power?

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