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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 7:33 am

KCR Denied Me Appointment For 4 Years!

As expected, Warangal (East) Sitting MLA Konda Surekha tendered her resignation to the TRS complaining about the lack of priority.

In the press meet held on Tuesday, Konda Surekha complained that CM KCR has denied appointment for them though they have been trying since four years. She opined TRS has become like a KCR Family Party.

Konda Surekha accused KCR of suppressing the Senior Leaders in TRS to elevate his Son KTR as the next CM of Telangana. She revealed an open letter questioning denial of tickets to the families of Telangana Martyrs. 'KCR holds the credit of no representation for Women in his cabinet. He is acting against the democratic values. I was denied even the respect I deserve as a BC Women. KCR didn't bother to meet Me even when he visited the house of Captain Laxmikanth Rao in Warangal. We can't trust KCR and TRS anymore. Hence, We decided to tender our resignation,' she said to media at the Hyderabad Press Club.

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