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KCR gives 500 crore bonus for Police

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced Rs.500-crore  bonus to the State Police for creating modern infrastructure , purchase of new vehicles etc. The Chief Minister made this announcement at the first State-level police conference of Sub-Inspector to DGP level officers at the HICC on Friday. Home Minister N. Narsimha Reddy, DGP Anurag Sharma, another senior officers were present.

Recalling the apprehensions expressed during the movement for separate Telangana state, KCR reminded how propaganda was made about escalation of naxalite menace, law and order problem etc if a separate state was created. However, all these  false claims and apprehensions were shattered in the new state, thanks to the excellent work being done by the state police, he added amidst thunderous applause.

The Chief Minister pointed out that for the development of the state, industrial development should take place on a large scale. However for investors law and order is an important factor and today many investors are coming forward due to the excellent and conducive atmosphere prevailing in the state, he observed and added that during his visits to New Delhi the PM, Home Minister and other central leaders have been appreciating the excellent work being done by the Telangana Police.

KCR called upon the police officers, especially at the SI-level, to ensure that the areas under their jurisdiction is free from racketeers, adulteration, illicit distillation, gudamba, matka ect. He also stressed the need for ensuring needed protection and security to women. In this regard he appreciated the work being done by the SHE Team headed by Swati Lakra.

`He also repeatedly lauded the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy, Director of Civil Supplies C.V.Anand for launching innovative methods in proving policing in the city and in the working of the civil supplies department respectively.

The Chief Minister wanted that there should be no delay in promotions in the department. However, the promotions should be based on performance and not by pairavis ( recommendations). He also wanted that police personnel on retirement should be given due respect and make them feel honoured by ensuring that they are dropped at their native places in police vehicles. Even with regard to pensions, he suggested that necessary list should be prepared in advance about those retiring so that they would avail the pension facility within a month of retirement.

KCR also wanted steps to be taken to improve and modernize the conditions in the police stations and set up Reception Counters to deal with day to day issues of the people coming for redressal. The police should  earn the goodwill of the common man, who should consider the manor woman in khaki as a God, he observed.

The Chief Minister also on the occasion announced that adequate incentives and awards would be given to the police stations based on their performance. He wanted all the police personnel to boldly and fearlessly give any suggestion with regard to the needs and also improving the policing.

Pointing out that the sanctioned posts for the police department in the state was 68,000, the Chief Minister said already steps have been taken for recruitment of 12000 personnel, The Government would soon issue orders for further recruitment of 15,000 personnel. He also wanted the DGP and Commissioners to ensure better conditions for Home Guards. Those deserving among these should also to be drafted into police posts, he added.

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