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KCR gives shock to 100 MLAs

Telangana CM KCR is known for his sensational decisions. He always surprises not only opponents and his rivals but also his own MLAs. According to the latest it is comingout that KCR shocked 100 MLAs by rejecting their request. 

CMO sources revealed that KCR received requests from more than 100 MLAs from the ruling and opposition parties seeking funds through planning department. State government  already allotted Rs 4675crs in its budget to the Special Development fund and KCR already cleared funds about Rs 1000crs.
Now it is comingout that KCR rejected the proposals due to lack of funds. MLAs seek funds generally for improving civic amenities. 
CMO sources revealed that the proposals of the MLAs will be kept pending with the planning department till funds will be available for the CM to approve them. 

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