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KCR's secret survey comes with sensational results

Telangana CM KCR is known to formulate aggressive strategies and crush the opposition and his rivals even before the start of the real battle. He won decisively all the elections and also the political battles taking on Congress,TDP,BJP and MIM and marginalised all these parties. 

According to the latest Telangana CM KCR conducted a secret survey to findout the pulse of the people. KCR is always popular to conduct surveys even though the state is not going to any elections to findout how the wind is blowing. 
According to the latest it is comingout that more than 68% voters supported TRS in the survey. Buzz is CM KCR narrated the same to his close aides. TRS is already in power for 30 months and still two years is there for elections. 

KCR asked a reputed organisation to conduct survey and survey foundout that 68% voters supported TRS. KCR is of the opinion that since Congress lost hopes of coming to power it is trying to stall the irrigation projects. KCR is confident that as elections near, more and more people will support his government.  

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