KIA shifts to Tamil Nadu, obsessed with Jagan's rules?

KIA shifts to Tamil Nadu, obsessed with Jagan's rules?

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KIA motors the prestigious project landed in the AP, now seeks a way to move to the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. KIA is a South Korea's leading automobile industry, and it found that India has a huge market. This made them establish a plant worth of 1.1 billion dollars in AP. Now the news is circulating over this plant, as it is likely to relocate to Tamil Nadu.

Famous international news organization Reuters has published this news with the information from one of the officials of Tamil Nadu. He said the talks are going on to shift the KIA plant.

The Hyundai company has it's plant in Chennai. It is said to be the parent company of KIA. Now this company mediates on this issue. Moreover, KIA has wide benefits, if shifted to Chennai, as major of the automobile companies are established there.

According to Reuters, KIA is facing a major problem with the newly formed government in Andhra Pradesh. KIA have entered AP in 2017 with the support from N Chandrababu Naidu, and it has finished it's complete plant in December.

Now with the Jagan government, KIA has thought of changing its base. A new law is passed in AP about the employment opportunities in any of the companies. 75% of the jobs should be allotted to the locals, and the rest can be given according to the company's policies. KIA fears of this law as it hugely invests here, and if it couldn't find skilful labour among that 75% local, then their production will be affected.

CM Jagan is also reviewing the incentives given by Naidu to KIA in his term. With all these mess, KIA finds its ways to quit AP. The officials from TN has also stated a secretary-level meeting is arranged in a couple of weeks to discuss this.

One of the AP Secretary has condemned this news and said, no such attempt is made by the KIA to shift to TN. He also alleged that these kind of false news are not ethical to publish on a developing state like AP.
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