Kiran Bedi's Tweet On France Win Draws Flak!

The celebrities and the people who are in respectable positions should always be careful while they are commenting or expressing opinions on public platforms.  In the present generation of social media, one should be get away easily if they do even a small mistake.  Kiran Bedi is the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry at present.  She has been slammed by the netizens for her tweet on France winning soccer world cup in the final match against Croatia.

She tweeted "We the Puducherrians (erstwhile French Territory) won the World Cup. Congratulations Friends. What a mixed team-all French. Sports unites."

"We in Puducherry wanted France to win d #WorldCup as d UT of Puducherry has a very memorable historical bond with #France.  Thousands of Puducherrians have maintained close ties with France. France also generously supports Puducherry in several ways."

"When one shares joy it multiplies. #Puducherry is a place of celebrations and shared joy.  It's spiritual and nature gifted.  It has inherited its water harvesting infra from the French.  People are grateful to them for the Tanks, Lakes, Ponds, Canals & Channels.  We owe a lot to them."

It is known that Puducherry(Pondicherry) was a French colony once and several French origin people are still living there.   French government handed over their colonies to India in 1954.    But still, the way Kiran Bedi referred 'We won the world cup' didn't go down well with the majority of the netizens.  There is nothing wrong to congratulate the French team but forgetting that she is an Indian has attracted the ire of the netizens.

A netizen commented "We are Indians Madam.  Your Publicity stunts need to stop."

Another netizen slammed "Madam Governor is calling colonial slavery as a memorable bond, the same bond which rest of India had with England, the same bond countless Bhagat Singhs sacrificed their lives to break off. What a shame that this woman  @thekiranbedi is on a constitutional post.

Another netizen tweeted in a satiric manner "As per your philosophy @thekiranbedi  should we celebrate General Dyer birthday ?? Should we celebrate all governors from Robert Clive to Mountbatten ??"

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