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Monday 25 September, 2017, 1:30 pm

Mahavir Engineering College Student Ends Life After Love Failure

Hyderabad: A third-year BTech student of Mahavir Engineering College at Bandlaguda committed suicide on Tuesday night after a girl rejected his love proposal.

Sai Kiran(20), a native of Nizamabad was staying at Masjid Galli in LB Nagar along with his college mates. He was in love with a girl for some time. When Kiran expressed his love to her on Tuesday, the girl refused to accept his proposal. Unable to take the rejection, Kiran hanged himself to a ceiling fan in his room when his roommates were out.

On Wednesday, when the roommates opened the door, they saw Kiran hanging to the fan. A note book full of his love letters was found in the room.

The police registered a case and are investigating.

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