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Friday 15 December, 2017, 5:22 pm

Man Held For Impregnating Girlfriend In Khammam

Khammam: A man was detained on Saturday for impregnating a girl after promising to marry her near Tirumalayapalem in Khammam district.

According to police, the accused Sanjeev Rao, a native of Tirumalayapalem was in love with a girl from the same area. The duo were in a relationship for the past five years. Later he forced the girl into a physical relationship and impregnated her. On coming to know that she was pregnant, Rao started to ignore her and tried to get rid of her.

When the girl insisting on marriage, Sanjeev reportedly said that he was not the reason for her pregnancy.

On realizing that she was cheated, the girl approached police and lodged a complaint against him. Police registered a case and investigation is on.

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