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Missing girl found in J&K : rescue operation by Guntur police

Thirteen-year-old Likhita, who was missing from Battiprolu, in Guntur district, from the past one month, was found in Jammu and Kashmir, by Guntur police team, led by Superintendent of Police (SP). Likhita was lured in to running away with an auto driver, Nageshwar Rao, who was taking her to an fro from home to school. Her sudden disappearance shocked her parents and neighbours, who suspected the missing auto driver. He is an ex-BSF jawan, who took the girl to the borders of India, some 10 km. from Pakistan.  

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Haleem in Hyderabad

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నలుగురు కలిసినంతనే ఛాయ్ తాగుదాం భయ్ అన్న మాట హైదరాబాద్ లోని ప్రతి గల్లీలో...