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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:23 pm

Modi not Responsed to justice Chalameshwar comments on CJI

NEW DELHI: A kind of campaign is running through the media, as it is only the Supreme Court's culpability that the country's crisis is currently in the hands of the Supreme Court. It is also reported that the Center has announced that the issue should be settled only by the judges of the Supreme Court. But the thing is that they do not mention that they are not involved .. If they intervene, they feel that the atmosphere of fear is that they will come to the ground.

There are four judges, including Justice Chalameshwar, who lapses the country as there are errors in the manner in which the Supreme Court has been notified to the judges of the Supreme Court. Narendra Modi has been very active in this regard. He was talking to law ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad soon after the press meet. On the other hand, Supreme Chief Justice and currently accused Deepak Mishra have responded quickly. He met with the Government Attorney General and discussed it.

These four judges had two other Supreme Court judges. That is, the protesters who protested against the Chief Justice Act. It seems that judiciary seems to be a matter of independence but ultimately it is important to note that the allegations that the present allegations are also questionable for judicial honesty. Justice Chalameshwar was forced to leave the court of the people to decide whether to judge the Chief Justice in this direction. It is also rumors that Deepak Mishra's resignation comes after allegations about the case of CJI are coming. Many believe that the Modi government is silent on the grounds that political interference will also lead to the failure of the Supreme Judiciary in the affair.

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