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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:49 pm

More alcohol licenses, more volatility: BJP

RAJAMUNDRY: Issuing licenses to 2,200 wine shops and bar shops by the State government would lead to both social and financial anarchy in Telangana, the BJP leaders alleged. The government’s aim to bolster its exchequer was creating havoc in the lives of public. The government has failed to check the belt shops, which were ten times in number of the licensed shops, being operated in the State, the party leaders said.

At the party Warangal Urban district executive meeting held at Elkaturthy in Husnabad assembly segment on Monday, a resolution was passed, demanding the government to control belt shops and reduce the number of wine shops.

The meeting was chaired by the party district president Rao Padma and was addressed by the party official spokespersons M Raghunandan Rao and A Rakesh Reddy, Mahila Morcha state president A Vijaya, district in-charge M Chandraiah, state vice-president M Dharma Rao and others.

The party has also passed resolutions opposing a resolution passed by TRS government in the State Assembly on Muslims reservations and the decision to rewrite the history of erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad.

The other resolutions passed at the meeting include, demand to sanction double bedroom houses to all the eligible families, to regularise lands collecting nominal fee as part of LRS scheme, to withdraw increased water tax under GWMC, develop infrastructure in Warangal city and ensure law and order in the city.

Through the resolutions on agriculture, the party wanted the government to make efforts for the effective implementation of PM Fasal Bima Yojana, conduct soil health tests and issue cards, take steps to prevent farmers’ suicides and to issue top-up loans on the basis of land registration value.
Addressing the gathering, Raghunandan Rao called upon the party workers from booth-level to district-level committees to make committed and continuous efforts to take the party into the public. The public should be informed about the welfare and developmental programmes by the Centre.

The party cadre and leaders should work to bring BJP to power in 2019 elections, he added. He described Congress and BJP as the two sides of a coin and there was no difference in the manner they ruled the State. The TRS rule was marred by illegal land encroachments and amassing wealth through commissions from contractors, which the Congress leaders used to do.

The promises of development of the State and its people have remained on paper only, he complained. Ex-MLA M Satyanarayana, party senior leaders Prof K Venkata Narayana, R Amarender Reddy, G Siva Kumar, N Venugopal Reddy, S Jagadishwar, BJP national council member Raja Veeru and others were present.

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