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My Husband killed Singer Harshita

Singer Harshita Dahiya was shot dead on Tuesday by unidentified assailants in Panipat, Haryana. A day after this gruesome murder, Lata (Harishita's Sister) alleged her husband Dinesh had killed her sister as she was a witness in her Mother's murder case.

Dinesh, a gangster, is currently lodged in Tihar Jail. Harshita Dahiya accused Dinesh of raping her in 2014 and also killing her Mother.

Post her performance at a function in Chamrara village, Harshita Dahiya was attacked on her way back to her home at the Narela Area in New Delhi. After blocking her vehicle with a black car, 7-8 bullets were fired at the Singer aiming her forehead and neck. None of the three others in Harshita's car were attacked by the Murderers. They shouted at the Driver and Two Other Members in the car to leave the car. Later, They killed the singer and fled from the spot.

Harshita Dahiya shot to fame with Haryanvi Ragini Songs and she is also a dancer. Recently, The Singer spoke about the death threats she has been receiving and claimed to be not scared of such warnings.  

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