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Saturday 22 September, 2018, 7:49 am

Nagara Deepikas on Swachh mission

GUNTUR: Nagara Deepikas are keeping the city clean by collecting dry and wet waste from every house to prevent spread of seasonal diseases. As many as 450 Nagara Deepikas are visiting every house in the 64 wards of the city and creating awareness about the need to segregate dry and wet waste. They are distributing pamphlets and also telling the people about the steps to be taken to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases.

The GMC officials said that Nagara Deepikas were chosen from SHG women and that they were hoping that the system will help the corporation achieve good rank in Swachh rating. According to the records, 572 malaria cases were registered from January to September in Guntur city. The poor hygienic conditions, stagnation of drains, littering on the streets, vacant lands are promoting breeding of mosquitoes. The residents of Donka Road area, P. Subba Rao and others, said the concept of Nagara Deepikas was good but criticised the GMC for failing to clear garbage and prevent stagnation of water in vacant lands.

GMC biologist G. Veer Raju said Nagara Deepikas would check if there are damaged plastic buckets, tyres or other waste and tell the people about how these things would lead to stagnation of water and cause seasonal diseases. GMC health officer Dr Ch. Sobha Rani said there was every possibility of seasonal diseases to spread fast due to the frequent rains occurring every other day in the last one month. In such a situation, the role of Nagara Deepikas is very important, she said. GMC commissioner Ch. Anuradha said intensives would be given to Nagara Deepikas for visiting every house. She hoped that the city would be able to climb a step on the Swachh indicator due to the services of the Nagara Deepikas. She also warned of strict action against Deepikas neglecting their duties.

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