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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 7:31 am

Nallala Odelu's Follower Kills Self: Who's Fault?

TRS Leadership denying ticket to Sitting MLA Nallala Odelu costed the life of the party activist.  

On September 12th, Nallala Odelu's Follower Regunta Ghattaiah attempted suicide by setting himself ablaze with petrol at a meeting attended by TRS MP Balka Suman who was allotted the Chennuru MLA Ticket. Few other followers suffered burn injuries in this incident which happened in Indaram village of Jaipur Mandal. They were admitted to a private hospital.

Regunta Ghattaiah succumbed to the injuries after a week. Post-Mortem was conducted to the body at Osmania. The deceased man was MRPS Member and a former ward member.

Nallala Odelu was a 3-time MLA from Chennuru Assembly Constituency. Denying ticket to him for the sake of Balka Suman shocked many. Will KCR change his MLA Candidate after the sacrifice made by Ghattaiah?

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