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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:56 pm

Nara Lokesh announces his family assets

Nara Lokesh announces his family assets NTR trust Bhavan in Hyderabad. The young leader talks about Heritage vegetable markets which the family has been running from 2009. 

He revealed that his total assets are worth Rupees 7.64 crores. 

Lokesh also said that his mother Bhuvaneshwari's assets have increased from Rupees 30.59 crores in 2014 to Rupees 33 crores in 2015.

He also disclosed his wife, Brahmini's assets and announced that her assets have increased from Rupees 3.95 lakhs to 4.75 lakhs. 

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced his assets four times till now, according to the reports. 

Lokesh has said that from the family has been announcing the details of their family assets from past five years and they had earlier announced that if anyone proves the details wrong they will give away their assets to them without any hesitation. He went ahead to say that not one person till date has come forward to prove that there are any glitches in the details of the assets provided by them. 

He said that the family will disclose the assets every year in the month of September and also opined that it will be appreciated if all the other parties will also follow the move and declare their assets in the public platform every year. 

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