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Old city Boy died by cricket ball hit

A tragic incident took place at Old City in Hyderabad. A person Majid lost his life as a Cricket ball hit him on the ground. According to the reports, Mazid was hit with a ball while playing at a playground at Bahadurpura. Though Majid was taken to the hospital but he could not be saved even after giving the treatment. The parents of Mazid have a tough time to face the situation. A case has been registered against this incident and the police have been investigating the case.

Telugu Politics

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దైవసన్నిధానానికి ఛైర్మన్‌గా డాక్టర్ మోహన్‌బాబు

హైదరాబాద్‌లో ఫిల్మ్‌నగర్ దైవసన్నిధానానికి ఎంతో పేరుంది. సినీరంగానికి చె...