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Pak lie nailed; Missing clerics speaks out

The two Indian clerics, who had been missing in Pakistan, returned to India safely today, amidst anxiety by relatives. The clerics said that they had been detained by Pakistan Intelligence agencies. Their statement came as a surprise, as Pakistan earlier stated that the two had wandered off to some unfamiliar places and were untraceable. With pressure from Indian External Affairs ministry, they were sent back. The two met Union minister Sushma Swaraj and related about their ordeal. They have relatives in Pakistan, they said and not matter what, they would go to visit them, they said.

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తాము ఎంతగా చెప్పినా వినిపించుకోకుండా ప్రేమించి వ్యక్తినే పెళ్లిచేసుకుం...