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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:08 am

Paritala Behind Pawan's Gundu Is True: Roja

Even as the die-hard fans of Pawan are yet to come to terms with Roja's shocking diatribes against their favourite actor and his supporter Bandla Ganesh, Roja has stirred hornet's nest as she made some shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan's Gundu controversy.

In fresh attack on Pawan and TDP, Roja stated that the Gundu controversy of Pawan and Paritala was true and said that she was in the TDP during the time of the controversy. Roja, however, said she has no connection with it.

Roja didn't stop there. She even went onto make a 'word play' and said that TDP had got Pawan's head shaved (refers to cheating) again in 2014. She added that TDP would again get Pawan's head shaved in 2019 again. Roja has cautioned Pawan to realize this and advised him to stay away from TDP.

Already, Roja's comments on Pawan, Ganesh have invited huge flak from Pawan's fans. The fans of Pawan, followers of Jagan are locking horns with each other over their leaders. Looks like, Roja is fueling the fire with her demeaning remarks on PK.

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