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Party raps Telangana BJP brass

Hyderabad: BJP joint general secretary (organisation) Saundan Singh, who is incharge of party affairs in Telangana. on Monday took the state BJP leaders to task over the “poor” mobilisation of cadre and public for the September 17 public meeting at Nizamabad which is to be addressed by Union home minister Rajnath Singh.

Mr Singh convened the preparatory meeting with BJP leaders at the party headquarters here on Monday and asked how many people had been mobilised by each of them for the meet.

When he heard individual leaders saying they had organised for 100-150 persons each, he became annoyed.

He said when the party had taken up the major task of mobilising numbers for the meeting, meant to  celebrate Hy-derabad Liberation Day, it was “quite disgusting” to know that the leaders were content with such small numbers.
Mr Singh said the state BJP was not up to the mark in any aspect, including in membership drive and in constituting booth-level committees.

“Though you have been warned a number of times nothing significant has been achieved,” Mr Singh reportedly told the BJP leaders. At one stage he told them that if this was their attitude, they could not expect to come to power in 2019.

He found fault with the state BJP leadership for it failure to corner the ruling TRS government on its anti-people programmes and policies. Stung by the criticism, BJP leaders went into huddle to chalk out their strategies.

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