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Pawan Kalyan Counter to Congress party leaders

HYDERABAD: Power Star Pawan Kalyan's announcement on the comments made by the Jana Sena chief, who has announced that he will now complete the politics of politics, Pawan Kalyan, who had a media meeting yesterday at Karimnagar, spoke many things. On this occasion Telangana CM praised KCR. At the same time, KCR has been praising the spirit of the fighting, and it is said that the KCR rule is almost as good as it is. This kind of commentary generally comes from all political parties in response to those parties' ideals. Former MP, Vijayashanti, former Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar and BJP leader Krishna Sagar have resigned in their own style. Pawan Kalyan who said he would not be questioning the parties in power so that parties in the original power could not be questioned and they would have no idea what kind of politics would be.

Pawan has responded to the comments recently. Pollan responded to the criticism of the second day of Chaloor Chal Chadha in Telangana. Pawan said that party leaders should remember that his own elder brother Chiranjeevi was still in the Congress party. When Telangana CM KCR - Prana said some Congress leaders misunderstood if he praised him. He said he was not a party to any party. His elder brother Chiranjeevi is in Congress. Pavan said it was not right to question how the Andhra person was going to be in Telangana. Pawan said that KCR is from the front. He said he respected any person fighting for the people. He said that he liked KCR. Politically disagreeing - separating the likelihood of battling leaders for the people.

He said he would respect the fighters in politics. Pawan said he would fight for the Telugu people. He said he would fight with anyone if he wanted to disagree on public issues. He said problems would be brought to their attention - he said. He said he would fight for the solution. Pawan said that Janasena is moving forward with seven principles. Pawan said he would come to the road for Telangana people if needed. In some cases he would have compromised but there was no such situation. Some asked me to merge the party - why did the party question? The head of the Telangana mother who gave her a reincarnation is said to bow down to the head.

Pawan said he does not compromise with anyone - he does not need money. He said he did not have such a benefit if he gave him millions of crores. Pavan said that he has nothing beyond the love of this love. I want to give this opportunity to the mother of Telangana. I want that part. The possibility of service is that he does not want to take office. He said he would fight as a soldier - a servant for the purpose of fighting for any Telangana. In 2019, Pawan said that he will be able to win Janaine Bona in Telangana. Pawan, who is referring to his brother Chiranjeevi's name in the Congress party as a whole, has been analyzing the reaction of the leaders of the party.

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