Pawan's Message: What's Wrong With Them?

VIJAYAWADA: The debate on the issue of casting couch is getting worse day-by-day. Some of the Junior Artists/Character Artists have been behaving as if they got the license to speak anything they wish without any evidence.

A Character Artist questioned, 'Why we were denied offers? Have Actresses like Karate Kalyani, Satya Chowdary and Siva Parvathi got offers without sharing bed with anyone? Should we do the same for bagging characters?'.

The Actress said Ramanaidu made films out of passion by selling properties but Producers like Suresh Babu and Allu Aravind are amassing wealth for 10 generations in their families. She questioned whether anybody in Mega Family have the qualities of heroes and they have underwent numerous surgeries.

In addition, This Artist has gone to the extent of saying Pawan Kalyan earned nothing as an Actor as many of his films were flops. She alleged he bought land in Amaravati with the money he obtained in the form of package. She dared to say Jana Sena Chief want Bengali Girls for Massage and not even a single woman should vote for him.

Is it right on part of anyone to say all the successful Actresses got offers as they shared bed?  

A Hero gets his remunerations irrespective of hits & flops. Pawan had openly stated he paid Rs 25 crore tax with the money earned from films. This itself shows how much truth is there is the allegations made by the Character Artist.

It's up to the Individual to decide whether he/she need to go under the knife for looking better. Even Sridevi has done the same. What's wrong about it?

Any Producer including Ramanaidu would make films to earn money? Would Suresh Babu and Allu Aravind survive for so many decades if they aren't passionate about films?

Just to grab the attention, Few Actresses seems to be making baseless allegations and unnecessary comments. Even MAA seems to be clueless how to handle the present situation. Tomorrow, Some other Actress might appear before media and allege all the Top Heroes had sexually exploited her. Who is gonna stop it? Why the issue is being diverted? Focus on the real culprits who harassed women in the Industry instead of targeting heroes for the sake of publicity.
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