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Saturday 22 September, 2018, 7:32 pm

Pawan's presence: Why Godavari Brothers tensed

Amaravati: Sources have reported that earlier it is being rumored in political circles that both Janasena Party and Telugudesam will go hand-in-hand for 2019 general elections. Previously in 2014, Pawan Kalyan's mighty presence alongside TDP and BJP has changed the way voters think, especially in Godavari region. Because of the change of trend in East and West Godavari polls, the whole dynamics of residue Andhra Pradesh's first ever election saw a wave favoring towards Telugu Tammullu.

Currently what worries these Brothers from the Godavari is that in case if Pawan Kalyan wants to contest in polls in the alliance of TDP, then he might seek many seats from Godavari districts only. In that case, Pawan will neither encourage TDP men to contest on his flag, nor he will allow migrations from the cycle party.

Meanwhile that's said to be the reason why few TDP biggies are criticizing Pawan Kalyan all the time. Because if Janasena arrives, then some of these leaders have to pack bags and if they contest as rebels, they might become permanent enemies of Telugudesam as well as Janasena.

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