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Wednesday 25 April, 2018, 8:09 pm

PM Narendra Modi to Involve in KCR Media War?

The latest and hottest issue that is currently raging across different political and media circles is the uncivilized and rough tongued statements from Telangana CM KCR and the counter retaliation by the national media. The National media is ripping apart KCR and TRS leaders without any mercy or pity.

Leading from the front is the well known media personality Arnab Goswami who is putting point blank questions to the TRS leaders and government of Telangana. He is making fellow journalists, cops to sit live on a talk show and is doing wholesale whitewash to the pink brigade Though the TRS party is doing its best to justify KCR’s actions, half problem is they don’t know proper English.

With the heat intensifying, a question rising is, will PM Narendra Modi involve? It is clear that the national media is not taking it easy. KCR has currently got his foot in his mouth and is getting cornered. But some say if some compromise can be worked out with Modi then things may change.  Let us see what happens.

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